I suppose this is one of those instances where just a bit more research would have done me a world of good.  Let me explain... you see, I only looked to Mr. Meeble’s MySpace profile when I wrote my original entry on the band.  On that page the band claims to be from France.  But, upon scratching the surface just a bit more - visiting other of the band’s sites, etc. - I discovered that they are truly from Arizona.  I feel a bit dopey for not knowing this before writing about them.  I feel even dopier for having to now retract my retraction about not caring for unsigned, contemporary French bands.  As it turns out, France is once again safe to trash - at least in terms of their music.

I can’t help but wonder, though, had I realized Mr. Meeble was an American-born concoction, would I have been as impressed with their output.  I mean, when you have very low expectations, anything even half-way decent sounds great.  I’ll have to ponder this a bit more.  Which will require more caffeine.  So I’ll ponder it later and probably write a bit more at that point, as well.

What I will say for now is that Mr. Meeble (AKA Devin, Michael and Blain - if, indeed these are their real names and the photos [and one drawing] of them at MySpace actually represent real people) is/are intriguing me more and more with their slippery slight of hand.  Works pretty effectively for College and/or Indie band cred... time will tell if this turns out to be an effective tool for connecting with those outside this rather selective group of Ironophiles.


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