Apparently my recuperating puppy is feeling himself again.  Despite having his belly laden with a series of bright purple stitches, he still managed to jump over the 3.5’ fence surrounding his sleeping pen during the night and escape into my partner’s office.  Not bad for a sickly little ankle-biter.

Today is one of those days when I find myself lacking the will to sit down at my computer and spend an hour or two composing some wonderfully insightful, well-crafted mini-essay about some random band or musician or other.  I just don’t have the drive... at all.

I’d much rather open up my music or film editing software and immerse myself in one of several projects I’m working on at the moment.  So, instead of writing something in support of some other person or group of persons I’ve never met, never plan to meet and in whose career(s) I have no vested interest, I will instead regale you with tidbits of what I’m currently up to.

  1. 1.I recently completed a video for the instrumental version of my song “Demeter,” which features a compilation of clips from Nosferatu.  I’ve posted it to Youtube at the following link:                            

  2. 2.I’m finishing up work on a cover of Joy Division’s song “The Kill.”  I’ve got all the tracks complete, just need to get the vocals recorded the way I want them and then I’ll make a video and post the whole thing on Youtube.  Hopefully that will be up and running in a week or so.  I will actually appear in this video.

  3. 3.Still slogging through a video project with LC Messinger for her song “Say Something.”  The schedule for that has been pushed back a bit while LC deals with the passing of her dog Rudy.  I can testify from recent experience with my own infirm pooch that we can grow so attached to our pets that losing them can be as catastrophic as the passing of any other family member.  So best wishes to LC and we’ll get that video posted ASAP.

  4. 4.I’m also beginning work on another video project, this one for my song “Labor Day.”  I did a bunch of filming up on the Russian River a couple weeks back and am currently figuring out how to stage and edit the final piece.  The river itself will figure prominently in the video, and I may make an appearance or two myself. 

  5. 5.I’m working on several new songs and remixing some of my older ones in preparation for an upcoming release of some sort or other - probably a 5-7 song EP.  Once I’ve got a better sense of a release date I will post an update here.

That’s about it for now... Back in a day or so, once my critical muse returns from her/his (hopefully) brief hiatus...




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