I have not excuses for my lengthy hiatus from the blogosphere.  I’ve been absent so long that I’m not even certain that ‘blogosphere’ is in use any more.  I’m sure nobody really noticed my absence, but I still feel the need to explain as I return full of shame and supplication.  Truth is, I’d sort of lost the will to blog of late, mostly because it takes so freakin’ long to develop each post.  You see, I have this really fucked up work ethic that won’t let me just write some extemporaneous BS about this or that and send it off onto the Internet (or the Inner Tubes, as a friend of mine is fond of saying) for others to briefly peruse and then forget - you know, the way most people do it.  I have this nagging and annoying need to be thorough, analytical and, believe it or not, grammatically correct - as well as interesting, thought provoking and clever.  Not that I typically achieve any or all these aims within a given post, but I give it my best effort.  And my best efforts require a fair bit of research, reflection and editing.  Because of these ridiculously high standards, I tend to be the sort of person who either produces a nominal amount of rigorous stuff - or nothing at all.     

The second reason I’ve been lollygagging of late is because I just haven’t been very inspired.  When I wrote about Lady Gaga last June it was clear that I’d sort of burned out on the whole Unsigned Acts angle and was in search of some other prosaic or poetic muse.  In fact, in recent months, I’ve been seriously thinking of returning to blogging about my first passion: the relationships between so-called high and low cultures.  The Gaga piece was my first foray into that dense and murky wood.

I’m not sure how I will proceed on that front.  I may start up a whole new blog, or simply begin to shift the tone of this one.  So stick around, all zero of you, for more edge of your seat, nail biting news. 

And now for the main reason I’ve decided to break my months-long silence... my latest musical obsession: Polio Sugar.

Or at least I will have something on Polio Sugar shortly.  I’ve been working on it for several days and it just isn’t quite ready yet.  But it will be.  Soon.  And it will be wonderful.  Trust me. 


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